1126, and we’re at Goal Words

June 13, 2010

It’s good to be back. 1126 words brings me just over my goal of 1000 words.

I’m happy with what I got tonight; I followed up on the emotional fallout of the aforementioned metaphorical bomb. G’s reaction to this “betrayal” was interesting. He’s been such a sweet, grandfatherly type figure this whole time, but he bordered on nasty in this scene. As did D, for that matter.  But I suppose that’s what happens when you chase people around with the thing they fear most. The claws are bound to come out. Incidentally, as calculating and mean as D was tonight, I was proud of him. Some of his one-liners… it’s nice to see him sticking up for both himself and R.

(I know none of this makes any sense, but that’s ok. Just trust me on this one- G finds out R isn’t exactly human. You know, the way she said she was. G is therefore deathly afraid of R, whom he’d liked up ’til this point. D loves R, and isn’t going to see her a) talked to like that, and b) thrown to the (metaphorical) wolves.)

Essay editing tomorrow, but I should be more-or-less back on track in terms of my pace of writing. Assuming I have the energy, that is… I’ve been so tired lately. Like, deep bone-crushing fatigue kind of tired. Anyway, I should be ok. I better be, because G has to survive a run-in with supervillainess A. Tee-hee, that’ll be fun.

Anyone else out there? Talking into the void is fun and all, but if anyone’s reading this, say hi! We could talk shop, and characters, and other… writerly things. How’s your writing going?

Winging it, and loving it!


PS. I promise a better post tomorrow. More insightful and universal, less yapping about myself. 🙂


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