June 14, 2010

Pleased with what I got. After a rough start that had me wanting to quit around 600 words, A got very creepy on me. I kind of don’t like where she’s going. And that makes me happy.

Horribly, horribly morbid bits, though. There’s a funeral, which has me researching what  happens to the body after death. It’s not pretty. Nor is it pretty to look at the timelines and say, “Ok, so he’d be room temperature by now. Rigor mortis might be starting to wear off, but oh look, he’s probably got embalming fluid, so he’d be stiff anyway.”


I hope your writing was happier than mine. Or at least didn’t make you feel like a psychopath/send you into a panic attack over the prospect of your own mortality. Things should be better soon. Probably by Tuesday. S has quite a scene coming up, but I think it’s a day or two off yet.

How’s your writing going?

Winging it and loving it (in general, if not this particular patch).


PS. The essay is done. And it doesn’t even look like it was written in one massive slog with half a brain….


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