1412 and off to bed

June 15, 2010

Ironically, the harder the writing gets, the higher my word count gets. I wasn’t happy with today’s work for a long time. Not sure what it was, things just weren’t clicking. Then A got to reveal some cool supernatural stuff. Too bad the divine being giving her this power is bent on destroying the world.

S will probably get her turn tomorrow. I hope so. I’ve a friend whom I haven’t seen for a while crashing at my place tomorrow night, so we’ll see if I get anything done. If not, that’s okay. Friends are nice, too.

And I’ve got to get up in about 5 hours to find this comet, so I’m going to bed. I already nearly bit the head of a family member when they interrupted my writing time (though in my defence, I have a sign for a reason), so I want all the sleep I can get.

Winging it, and loving it!


PS. Apparently we’re starting to get some traffic here at Intergalactic Writers Inc. That’s fantastic! Please, if you’re reading this and you’re not me, drop a comment and tell me what you think! All feedback is most appreciated. Cheers, everyone!


One comment

  1. I wish I had the strength of mind to write a NaNo…
    unfortunately, what with noisy roommates, stupid work hours, and lack of sleep in my daily life ANYWAY…. Not this year. Likely not next year either. Ah well.

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