Over Two Thousand words!!

June 17, 2010

2342, to be exact! Ahhhh… tonight was a long night. Almost two hours long. And even though I more than doubled my wordcount, I still feel I rushed some things to get to S’s scene. And was I happy with it? Mostly. I can fix it later. I’ll also have a real post later tomorrow, but my eyeballs feel like they’re going to drop out of my head.

I guess this makes up for not writing yesterday. And S knew all along what she was going to say, and now she’s finally said  it, and we are both thrilled!

Sorry for the incoherence of this post. Normally I’m a lot easier to follow, I swear.

Right. Off to bed now. Back tomorrow with things that actually make sense.

Winging it, and loving it!!!



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