A very attractive word count

June 19, 2010


Isn’t that a pretty number? I’m tempted to write one more word and make it an even 1200, but it’s pretty cool it turned out that way.

Lots of dialogue tonight. And lots of “Come here, small children, let me explain…” Eh. I think I’ve left things sufficiently vague that we know waaaay more than we used to, but some things still aren’t clear. Actually, I’m pretty pleased with myself about that. S isn’t withholding information because she’s “supposed to” in order to further the plot. She just honestly has no idea what they’re talking about.

Anyone else? If you’re writing, how are the words coming?


PS. Still trying to keep description in mind, as I was discussing in the “Eyes wide open” post.

PPS. Go Google “Intergalactic Writers Inc.” IWI is the first thing that pops up now. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!! 😀


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