June 24, 2010

Most people have a work/life balance. I don’t. My work bleeds into life- I don’t think I’ve had an actual balance between the two since I was eleven. And now that my summer job has started, I have a work/life/work balance. Real work (job at a camp), life (downtime, reading, preventing my brain from frying). and the work of writing Project W. A work/life balance is hard enough for me to achieve. Throw that extra work in there, and… well, I’ve been letting things slide. 500 words last night. This is my first post in a few days. I’ve been away from the various online communities. Alas, I think the “work” that actually pays should get top priority….

But I’m not complaining. Well, maybe a little, but not about my job. I love my job- the kids are fantastic, and it brings me such feelings of joy and accomplishment. If ever you’re feeling pessimistic about the fate of the world, go hang with some 7-year-olds for a while. I defy anyone to play “Octopus,” have an in-depth discussion of “Pokemon” strategies, and sing the “Moose Song” and NOT come out feeling better.

Camp has made me shake my neurotic feelings of cabin fever. However, the fact remains that the fiction is slowing. Hopefully as my stamina increases, I can change that. As for all the online stuff- Intergalactic Writers’ Inc., the writing forums- hopefully that will change too.

Bear with me. IWI is very much alive and kicking. Who needs sleep?

Winging it and loving it,



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