Today is my birthday….

June 28, 2010

…funny that, it seems like I just had my birthday. Ah well. I suppose the Earth does continue its revolution around the Sun even when I’m not looking.

Since it is my birthday and all, it seems like a good idea to take a moment to reflect and plan.

So where am I right now?

First and foremost, I’ve started writing Project W. This is a novel that I began to dream up back in April 2009. That means it’s been in my head for well over a year. We’re over 40,000 words in, and fingers crossed, there’s a lot more where that came from. And I’m growing. I was reading the last novel I wrote, which I did the summer of 2007. Oh my God. That was three years ago. No wonder it sucks when I look back at it! Okay, that makes me feel better. Good to get as much suckage out of my system as I can now, so that when it’s actually time for me to submit stuff, I’ll be ready. Or at least, I’ll be readier.

And now I have this blog. IWI is my first foray into the big, wide world. True, it’s been only a month; and true, my readership isn’t terribly high yet, but at least it’s something. It’s been a lot of fun thus far, and I’d love to continue with it. Hopefully traffic picks up.

And where am I going?

Speculative Fiction all the way. Project W is sci-fi in fantasy’s clothing. The gods/divine presences make it fantasy, I think, but the magic is pretty rigidly and logically reasoned. If I didn’t call it “magic,” it could probably pass for a scientific phenomenon. Enough about Project W. I think I’ve determined Spec Fic as the genre in which I’m most comfortable, and novels as the form I enjoy most. A few short stories would be nice to have on hand, though, as would some real science fiction. Something for me to consider.

And in one year’s time

I want Project W done and out the door. Hopefully I can finish a rough draft by August, or the very latest, by the end of the summer. Then, I think I’d like to submit it. That looks really scary typed out like that. But it’s true. Even if it’s  just for the experience, what’s the worst that’ll happen? My ego will be bruised, and I’ll have my very first rejection slip. Besides, my next birthday is a pretty big milestone. If I can have taken a giant step towards professionalism by my next birthday, all well and good.

And at least one science fiction story. The submission is the main goal, this can be a sub-goal.

Another year older. I can’t believe it. Although I secretly still feel like I’m ten years old, I’m really and truly starting to not be a kid anymore. Frightening. Ah well. It’s just another adventure, right? So, onwards!

Winging it and loving it,




  1. Congratulations, happy birthday and glad you’re working on your writing. I have put my off for a long time, but I think you’ve helped motivate me to get back to it.

  2. Aww, yay! Thanks for the birthday wishes, and I hope you do get back to your writing. Let me know how it’s going!

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