Mein Gott, this scene is long

July 14, 2010

Add another 1113 words, and it’s still not done. Getting there, but I’ve one more card left to play. D is really going regret a) charging deeper into the burning building on an incredibly stupid, albeit heroic, mission and b) letting his friend come with him.

And I got to claim my first real victims tonight. True, we never saw too much of them, but I’m hoping the reader thought they were safe. After all, they were good characters: always shown in a sympathetic light, often used for comic relief. Now they’re gone.  And… it’s just a taste of what’s to come.

More Youtubing earlier tonight. I saw a clip from a kids’ show that should never, ever be shown to children. Insanely frightening and profoundly disturbing. I may have nightmares tonight. Or not… we’ll see if I even get to sleep.

How are your words coming?




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