1045 and trusting the Muse

July 18, 2010

Now this is a number I know I’ve seen before. 1045 words seems to be some kind of sweet spot for me. Or it’s coincidence. Either way works.

Right, so tonight I finished the chapter, and things got a lot worse than I expected them to. I kind of figured destroying one landmark building/integral part of this institution was enough. So imagine my surprise when suddenly the whole place goes up in flames. This was definitely a case of the subconscious bounding down a different path. And I decided to go along for the ride. To use my “novel as a journey” metaphor, we might just get ourselves a photo with the World’s Largest Ball of Twine.

We definitely have some cool symbolism that I hadn’t even intended to include (it didn’t even occur to me until the whole flippin’ place started crumbling). There is a rather large tower, you see, that I’d mentioned several times. It was another landmark, one which I’d used to orient myself as much as my characters did. So what do we do with this lovely large tower?

Strike it with a fiery bolt from the heavens, of course.

The Tower is a card in tarot. Now, I don’t know much about tarot, but I know enough to recognize that this card means bad news. A little more investigation, and I learned that the fire/lightning-struck tower (which, yes, does appear in the sixth Harry Potter) can symbolize utter ruin and catastrophe.

Perfect for an apocalypse.

Plus, it worked nicely because it gives D a reason to stick around and not go rushing back to R, which is going to have severe consequences for her. Man, I had a pretty sucky day (understatement of the century), but just thinking about the rest of this journey is making me excited.

Write on!



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