The lower word count is really working

July 27, 2010

So I decided to quit beating myself up over not getting 1000 words a day. When I didn’t hit it, which is most of the time considering my apparently-chronic insomnia/other stuff happening, I just felt bad about myself. And when I felt bad about myself, I didn’t feel much like writing. And then I wouldn’t hit 1000 words, and I’d feel worse about myself.

This, friends, is what we call a negative feedback loop.

Long story short, I halved my goal from 1000 to 500 words a day. Yes, mathematically speaking, it’ll now take me twice as long to finish this thing. The August 14th deadline will probably not happen (excuse me while I run off to laugh hysterically at the  improbability of meeting this date). But you know what? It was an arbitrary date. I’m not actually on deadline, so if it takes me longer, it just doesn’t matter all that much. Except for, you know, personal pride, but I’ll settle for some personal peace first.

Anyway, I did get 707 words tonight. See? I beat my goal, which makes me feel good about myself, which means I’m more likely to write tomorrow. It’s working already! In tonight’s instalment, we’re still working through another longish scene. Another longish creepyish scene. I’m a little worried it’s veering into the land of  “I-don’t-want-my-mother-to-read-this,” but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Plus, I stopped just before the major climax (tee hee… oh, I can be immature at times…), which leaves me a starting place for tomorrow. After this scene, I’m not terribly sure what comes next, but I have a short stretch in which to figure it out. Maybe I’ll sleep on it. Ha ha… ha… (cue *headdesk*).

Ahh, I’m just being melodramatic. How about you all? Anything new? Ooh, anyone make it out to Comic-Con? Or planning to hit Dragon*Con? Sigh… I wish I had the money to travel.




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