738- hooray for positive reinforcement!

July 28, 2010

See? This time I beat my goal by 238 words. I should’ve done this ages ago.

Anyway, this’ll be pretty short. I finished the scene/chapter. It was disturbing. I wonder if I went into too much detail, but I think the violence here is necessary. It shows how far over the edge A has gone, and gives G a darn good reason to break from her institution. Plus, it makes that whole institution seem even creepier/ickier and serves to remind us, “Um, the world’s ending in two days. Things are kind of going to heck in a handbasket.”

I daren’t say I’m in the homestretch yet. Maybe the neighbourhood-stretch, if that makes sense. The homestretch to the homestretch.

And, having stretched that metaphor to breaking point (and detailing its demise with yet another metaphor), I’m going to sign off here for now. Fingers crossed, I’ll have more to say tomorrow.




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