1074 and done the chapter

August 8, 2010

Well, what do you know? I broke 1000 words for the first time in ages. And we’re onto a new chapter. Plotwise, I feel like I’m still failing to communicate just how awry things have gone in this world. Yes, we know things have gone to pot for the main characters. But things aren’t so great for Ordinary Joe on the Street, either (it is the Apocalpyse, after all), and I just don’t think we’re seeing that.

It’s going to be longer than I thought, too. Like, another 10-15k words. Which is both good and bad. The good: more complexity, more stuff happening, more saleable length. The bad: at my pace, it’s going to take probably another 3-4 weeks to finish the first draft, when originally I thought I’d be done a week from now. Exactly one week from now, actually.

Okay, so new deadline, then. How about… August 27th? Three weeks from now. I’ll be up north for one of those weeks, so lots of writing should happen then.

On the bright side, D and R got to be reunited at last. Too bad D was too shaken up to make it a nice, romantic reunion, but when duty calls…

Hope you guys are all well,



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