W is *officially* my longest project ever

August 10, 2010

Remember how yesterday, I said that another day or two would put Project W ahead of my previous novel in terms of length? Yeah, that’s if you’re doing it by page count. Looking at the word count today, I realized that I actually surpassed my previous novel last night. By a whole 300 words, thank you. Guess I just managed to fit more words on a page this time round.

And I know, I know, length shouldn’t count for as much as the story, and the themes, and the characters, and style, and all that stuff. Have you ever heard of someone finishing a book and saying, “Wow, great word count on that one!” And maybe I do obsess over it a little much.

But you have to admit, when you realize that this is the most words you have ever written on one thing, you have to feel pretty proud of yourself. Proud that you stuck with it this long. Proud that stuff you pull from your own mind, heart, and soul can fill that many pages.

Plus, I got to add another 755 to the total. The good guys are all reunited, except for P, who needs to be rescued. The Apocalypse is nigh, and they’re about to *finally* realize what’s been hiding in sight all along.

Not that that won’t have consequences.

Happy sigh. Happy sigh.



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