Vacation is Over. The Novel is Not.

August 20, 2010

I’m back!!

Oh my, what a wonderful week. There was a lot of “lots.’ Lots of biking, lots of swimming, lots of sleeping and eating, and yes, lots of writing. I made some good progress on Project W. Meeting the deadline will still be dicey, but for once that’s more the result of thickening plots than my slacking.

So what has been happening lately in Project W? The puzzle pieces finally came together on how to avert the end of the world, and they all realized what kind of a sacrifice R has to make to ensure that happens. That was a 3000-word night: lots of fun! 😉

Something about changing locations helped the words flow, too. Without the distraction of work, and with a little more relaxation and sleep, things were a bit easier. Plus, the majority of books I brought with me were duds, so it was either write or stare at the walls.

One last exciting piece of news: I saw my first extra-galactic object. One clear, black night, I took my binoculars out to the dock (okay, I did that every night…). Now remember, these are the “astronomical” binoculars that require their own tripod. I consulted some star charts. I peered into the void. Attempted to navigate using the constellation Cassiopeia. Failed. Used the tree line to locate part of Pegasus. And, after a ridiculously long time…

There it was: the Andromeda galaxy.

Of course, since I was using binoculars, it didn’t look anything like my little avatar here. It was just a faint, fuzzy oval against the darker sky. Kind of like a smoky thumbprint hanging amidst all those stars. If I hadn’t been looking for it, I likely wouldn’t have realized what it was.

Cool, though, eh? To think that with a pair of binoculars, one can gaze right out of our galaxy and into another, one so impossibly far away that the light from its stars started travelling here  2,500,000 years ago. I don’t know about you, but consider my mind boggled.

And just think: now this blog is truly intergalactic!

It’s good to be back,



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