Survived the scene

August 25, 2010

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for all my characters. Someone is dead. Someone about whom I’d been waffling. “To kill, or not to kill?” It’s a hard question for any writer (or maybe just me, I don’t know). And it wasn’t really a long, drawn-out death scene. It was more… “Bang! You’re dead!” “Oh, #&$!” Hopefully, that’s created an atmosphere of all bets are off.

It was a scene that I’ve been holding in my head since the very early days of Project W, so it was nice to get it out. We are wrapping up. Terrifying, but true. If all goes well, I should make the Friday deadline. It’ll still be tight, of course, but I’m more optimistic.

Yeah… brief expository thing, big climactic scene, BCS fallout, and then the ending. Oh my. I could probably get to the BCS tomorrow. Well, now I’ve probably gone and jinxed myself, but hope springs eternal.




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