Past the point of no return

August 26, 2010

Climax: The point at which the ending becomes inevitable.

We have now passed that point.

The scene I wrote tonight has been carried in my head for… I don’t know how long. During the early planning of Project W, I wasn’t sure how to end this novel. Well, sure, I knew the very end, but I had no strong climax.  I still remember the moment I finally realized how things were going to play out, how they had to play out. The pure joy mingled with heartbreak. The dim lighting of the hallway I was in. The phrase my subconscious offered up to me. The feel of the carpet under my shoes.

Through all the subsequent planning, the false start, the real start, and the 300+ pages that have followed thus far, I have been steering with this scene as my north star. I promised myself that I would not set it to paper until its proper time. Since I’m writing this novel sequentially, beginning to end with no scenes out of order, it was a long wait.

It was worth it.

I cried tonight. I will cry again tomorrow night, when I will, in all likelihood, finish Project W.

This is why I write.



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