Editing Time!

September 1, 2010

Hi guys!

The Massive Re-Read of Wonder is done. Now that I’ve read the whole thing once, from start to finish, I have a better idea of what needs to be fixed, and how to accomplish those fixes.

Basically, here’s my plan for the edits. I’ve already read it over. This is a vital step, in my mind. I wasn’t reading it as an editor, thinking “Oh man! I misspelled that word!” Well… maybe I wasn’t thinking that most of the time. I tried to read it as a reader would, testing to see if I was enjoying it, if there were sudden gaps of logic, if the characters seemed believable. Wherever I thought of something to change, I put a big, bold TK in the word doc, followed by a note.

(Quick explanation about “TK.” That’s a tip from Mur Lafferty, of the podcast I Should Be Writing. Apparently only one or two words in the English language have the letters “tk” right next to each other, making it much easier to do a “word find” to find all your notes.)

That’s where I am now. Now I’m going to go through it again, and this time, it’s with an editor’s eye. No, misplaced comma, will be safe. Niether wil tipos. But just as important, I’m going to deal with all those TKs. My plan is this: if I can’t find a solution to one, I’ll skip ahead to the next, fix that, and then come back. Eventually they’ll all be taken care of.

So what are the major things to edit?

  • The beginning is stilted and awkward; it’s clear I didn’t know my characters that well yet.
  • The ending feels rushed. I’d love an additional scene or two from G or P’s POV.
  • Alas, I do on occasion fall prey to that most devilishly diabolic demon of novice writers, that foul fiend with venomous, violet claws that curve like the sickle of the moon in the uncaring sky… *ahem* I think I wander into “purple prose” territory in a few places.
  • The big “aha!” moment regarding the nature of magic needs another look.
  • Some of my religious system’s attitudes should be explained more clearly… they’re not contradictory, just highly nuanced. 😉

And I’ll stop here. There are a few more, but I think you get the point. So, onwards I go, back to the very beginning of Project W. Hopefully this optimism persists… normally, I don’t *love* editing all that much.

We shall see. To the keyboard!



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