ABCs of SF

October 9, 2010

Aaand we’re back. Still pressed for time, unfortunately, but I couldn’t leave you all hanging! So I’ve decided to do something just for fun in the interim. Enjoy!

The ABCs of SF

A is for Asimov: all robots rejoice,

B is for Butler: a strong female voice.

is for Clarke, and his Space Odyssey,

D is for  gritty new Dark Fantasy,

E  is for Earth, our cradle in space,

is for Future, when this all takes place.

G is for Geist,  which will soon be released,

H is for Hogwarts and Sorting Hat’s feast.

I is for ions, which sound really cool

J is for Janeway, who’s really old-school.

K is for K, as in K. Le Guin,

L is for Lasers which we’ll see again.

Ms for Magog that will eat you alive,

N is for Neurons that on SF thrive.

O’s for the Oceans that sea monsters ply,

P is for Pern, where winged dragons fly.

Q is for Queen, they show up quite a lot,

R is for Rogues that too often get caught.

S is for Star Wars,  at least in its prime,

T is for Tesseract: a wrinkle in time.

U’s for Utopiae that often go wrong,

V is for Vectoring, zooming along.

W’s for Why, which we often ask,

X is for X-rays (X is no easy task!).

Y’s for YA and its place in my heart,

Z is for Zelazny, a man of the art.




  1. That’s awesome. Coming up with something like that would have taken me longer than composing a regular post. For X I would have gone with Xanth, for Piers Anthony’s funny series.

    • Of course! Xanth!! How could I have forgotten that? Thanks for reminding me… clearly, it’s been far too long. 🙂

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