Giving Thanks

October 10, 2010

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. Technically, it’s tomorrow, but most people seem to celebrate it today (gives them that day to sleep off all the turkey). We’re kind of lax about it that way.

However, this laxness and lack of pilgrims doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. Some say we should be giving thanks all the time, and I suppose they’re right, but I still think it’s wonderful to have a day set aside to consciously sit down and think about it. The turkey’s not bad either.

So what am I thankful for? This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I’ll offer up…

Thank you for…

  • All my family and friends
  • Air
  • Sunshine
  • The fact that I and all of my loved ones are safe, living far from any conflict
  • My peaceful, tolerant country
  • The communities of writers I’m so fortunate to have found
  • The wet gleam of a chestnut fresh from its shell
  • The health of my family and friends
  • Oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, rain… all water
  • The hope that we’re not alone in the Universe
  • A day off on Monday 8)
  • All the books that I have enjoyed, and that have shaped me
  • Music. All kinds.
  • The stories inside me
  • Animals: whether sustenance, companion, inspiration, partner, or just fellow life-form
  • Stars
  • Butterflies… whom no one ever suspects
  • Imagination
  • Gold-orange leaves and rough red stone against a deep blue autumn sky (guess what’s out my window right now)
  • The Magical Interwebs
  • The great writers who have come before me, from Shakespeare to the Brontes to Lovecraft to Clarke; those who are writing with me now, the folks in the SF community and all of you here; and those who are yet to come.
  • Strong, black coffee. With cereal and cold milk. Mmmm.
  • The fact that this list could very well go on indefinitely.

One more time, then. Thank you. If you’re celebrating this weekend, Happy Thanksgiving. If not, just come back in November and reread this post. đŸ™‚

Have a good one,




  1. Happy Thanks Giving!

    Love and Gratitude . . . just a few of the hidden messages in water:

    Being thankful for Ordinary Miracles improves the flow of life:

    As the constant chatter of our monkey minds slows down, our awareness of simple pleasures grows, and we are showered with perfect moments with increasing frequency.

    Be Here Now. Have a great day!

  2. A good list of gratitudes. Still 6 weeks until U.S. Thanksgiving, always celebrated on Thursday for some bizarre reason!

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