Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2010

This is a little early, but tomorrow will be a big day, and I don’t want to risk missing Halloween! Here’s a little treat for you guys- enjoy the thinning of the veil tomorrow night, stay safe, and watch out for “ghosties and ghoulies and long-leggety beasties!”

(And I know the formatting’s a little weird… but I’m on a borrowed computer which is being quite contrary.)

There once was a sly little ghost

Who longed for some hot buttered toast.

So at breakfast he wailed,

And the diners all bailed,

Leaving him with what he wanted most.


A self-conscious zombie named Fred,

Embarrassed at being undead,

Pretended he breathed;

The whole town he deceived,

‘til off with a plop fell his head.


I’m a werewolf of palate refined,

And not once on raw meat have I dined.

I prefer Chardonnay,

A well-cooked crème brulée,

And what bipedal flesh I can find.


A chill in the late autumn air

Spoke of something unseen but still there.

What it was I can’t tell,

But a long-lasting yell

Rang out shrill from the depths of its lair.


Count Dracula sat up in bed,

Anxious thoughts running ‘round in his head:

“Mend my cape, fix the moat,

Intercept Mina’s boat-

And they say you can sleep when you’re dead!”


They invaded us last Halloween,

In their extraterrestr’al machine,

But the joys of that night

Gave them all quite a fright,

And since then they haven’t been seen.

Happy Halloween, everyone!




  1. Great collection of ghostly poetry! 🙂

  2. […] For more ghostly (and vampiric) poetry . . .  Happy Halloween! (Intergalatic Writer) […]

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