Weekend Verse: Haiku Edition

November 7, 2010


I had so much fun last weekend with my limericks, I thought I’d try it again. This time, however, we’re going with one of the most fun forms of poetry… the haiku. Enjoy!


Scarlet scaled dragon

Beacon of glory above

Alas, his breath smells.


Sparkling vampire

Unnatural, unreal undead

A thousand myths die


(It helps if you imagine solemn beatnik snapping where the *****s appear.)


He broke up with me,

No sorrow in his blank eyes.

Accursed android.


Stars flare in darkness

And die in the brightest flame:

To the void once more.


Life-changing object.

Magic lands and Chosen Ones.

Cliches never die.


I watched a leaf fall,

The morning mists steeped in angst.

I cried. O, I cried.


A happy wizard

Capered about his chamber,

Silver beard flying.


To nowhere it flew,

Silver, bullet-shaped, alone,

Seeking the last star.


Hope you enjoyed these!



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