Got Words?

November 12, 2010

I do. Just not where I expected.

Update/explanation time: W is still under edits; I’m hoping to start querying in the New Year, thereby giving myself a bit of a bumper to deal with the Insane Month of Death that is November.

However, I’m still finding that I’m quite close to it emotionally, so I’m considering putting it aside a while longer. There’s no rush, my livelihood doesn’t depend on it, and I want it to be done right. I know there’s a danger of having sit in the deep freezer indefinitely, but I’m hoping that same emotional connection that’s clouding my editing skills now will ensure I come back to it in the future.

Meanwhile, I’ve been dabbling in some short fiction. It’s just not the short fiction I envisioned myself writing. I’ve mentioned my luck with children’s stories  before. At the end of the camp season, my bosses bound all the stories I’d transcribed into a book and gave it to me. I’ll admit, I misted up a little. That book is making its rounds among the neighbourhood kids, and they all unanimously love it. Parents are calling asking if there are more stories about my little monster friends.

There are more. Lots more. Before the summer ended, I managed to type sixteen stories, but by my rough estimation, I was telling anywhere upwards of thirty different stories. Since they were improvised on the spot, some lack coherence and/or a good plot. Some are just not as good. Even when those are weeded out, there’s probably eight to ten more tales that exist only in oral form.

Given my ever-increasing lack of memory, it seems a good idea to get those “lost stories” down on paper. There’s a good chance they’ll fade from consciousness like a half-remembered dream, and I don’t want that to happen.

But then what? I never saw myself as a children’s author, and although kids seem to like Oogey, I don’t know if his adventures would sway an editor or agent. 

On the other hand, I have nothing to lose, right? It won’t be my top priority, but I can work away at getting everything written down; it’s enjoyable, it’s soothing, and it keeps me in practice. Frankly, the creation of new words, any words, is what’s concerning me now in general; I don’t want to slip from the habits I formed over the summer.

So, Oogey may well be my jog through the neighbourhood-  not terribly intense, but enjoyable and comforting. And if I happen to stumble into a marathon along the way, well…

We’ll see.


PS. I just noticed that this is my 99th post. Now, I’m no math major, but I’m pretty sure that means the next one is No. 100. That seems like a milestone, and I’d like to mark it in some way… any ideas?



  1. Your neighborhood kids loving the stories is an indication that the market is there! Why not try to see what you can make of it. Team up with a good illustrator (if you’re not illustrating yourself) and go for it.

    For your 100th post you should share a short scene from the mysterious “W” so we can get a teaser of the cool stuff you’re coming up with.

    • Ooh, that is an excellent idea. I’ll have to find a good scene for you guys…

      Watch this space. 😉

  2. 99 intelligent posts on this blog
    99 intelligent posts
    We take them in
    Arvik does it again . . .

    100 intelligent posts on this blog

    What I did for post #100 . . . a top ten list with links to the most popular posts.

    And definitely try to get your children’s stories down in writing. Sounds like your audience is waiting.

    • Aww, you’re making me blush! Thank you so much for your constant support… it’s readers like you that keep me doing this. Thank you.

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