Convention Prep

November 19, 2010

Things in the SF world are moving quickly this weekend. We talked about Harry Potter yesterday, but tonight is also the opening of SFContario. Since I can’t be in two places at once, I’m missing the opening ceremonies, but I’ll be at the con through Saturday and Sunday.

Hopefully, I will be able to tap into some internet connection. If that’s the case, I will be posting updates here at IWI, and also on Twitter (@arvikwashere). If you’re not on Twitter, the little side bar at the right  of this blog shows some of my tweets… so check here. Of course, worst case scenario is that I don’t get internet, which means I’ll be quiet until next week.

I’m  ridiculously excited to go to this con. I’ve printed out the schedule and highlighted all the talks/panels I want to attend… leaving myself enough time to hit the dealers’ tables and wander around.

Since I’m also planning around choir rehearsals/performances (I basically don’t get to sleep until this time next week), I have compiled the following survival guide… really just thinking “out loud,” but it may be useful.

Things to Bring

  • Notebook and pen- for notes, autographs, moments of inspiration, etc.
  • Water- dehydration is a terrible thing.
  • Snacks- low blood sugar is also a terrible thing.
  • Swag bag! – a little bag that folds up to a tiny pouch… but still has an enormous capacity for books, clothing, etc.
  • Fare for public transit- for most, I guess this depends if you’re staying in the hotel itself, but I’m going back and forth
  • Overnight bag- again, depends where you’re staying. I’m couch-surfing, and while my friends offered to share toothpaste, they drew the line at the actual toothbrush.
  • iPod- if there’s wi-fi, this will be my connection to the interwebs.

To summarize:

  • SFContario =  con that, unlike World Con and Dragon*Con, I can actually get to
  • Food and water are good;
  • I am excited
  • I will either have lots of posts over the next two days, or no posts at all.




One comment

  1. Have a FAB time.

    I’m glad that you are not so excited that you forgot the basics ~ food, water, toothbrush.


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