More con quotations

November 20, 2010

“It [the slush pile] is so bad when you first read it, you get dizzy and punch-drunk.”

“85% of slush is written by psychopaths.” “No, they’re merely schizophrenics!”

“Writing good fiction… is an integrative process, like juggling while riding a unicycle underwater.”

“No has ever walked into a bookstore saying, “I want to find a sensitive new voice.””

And so the con continues. I must say, it is really cool to see so many people who all like similar things. The panels have also been great, as you may be able to tell by the preceding quotations. A few squeal-worthy moments, including seeing one of my favourite writers (Michael Swanwick) talking to an editor I highly respect (Patrick Nielsen Hayden). The awe constricting my throat precluded a true squeal, but that’s just as well.

Heading off now to a panel about Canadian SF. Should be interesting…



One comment

  1. So glad that you are enjoying the conference. Make the most of every moment!

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