SFContario Wrap-Up

November 22, 2010

And now I’m back, as promised, with a post to wrap-up SFContario. Overall, I had an excellent time this weekend… and it’s given me ideas for many posts to come. We’ll get to those, but here’s a quick summary of the weekend.

The Good

Excellent Guests

I’ve mentioned most of them already, but there were some impressive names here. Having all that talent concentrated in one location was certainly an experience. 🙂

Interesting, Varied Panels

The panels ran the gamut from kaffeeklatsches, to interviews, to panels about writing itself, to those about the theory/criticism of SF. Whether you were a fan, writer, or curious onlooker, there was bound to be something you could latch onto. Good interaction with the audience, too- it made it feel like less of a “lecture.”


It’s the little things that make the difference. I had no problems registering or getting my badge, the signage was clear and placed in obvious locations, panels generally started on time, and navigating the hotel itself was no problem.


Okay, so I didn’t actually buy too much… but I was given a free swag bag, which is, in a sense, swag itself. Definitely a nice touch. Pretty good variety of merchandise available, mostly books, but there was some jewellery and craft-y things as well. A bit more clothing -t-shirts and such- might have been nice, but…

And that brings me to:

Things to Consider for Next Year

I’ll preface this by saying that considering this is SFConario’s inaugural year, it was executed very well. Nevertheless, there are always a few kinks to work out…


Downtown hotels in Toronto are expensive. I get that. However, the particular one chosen, while nice, is located in a seedier part of town. As in, I was not 100% comfortable in the area surrounding the hotel after nightfall.


Again, it’s the first year. And having things smaller was nice in a way, it felt more intimate and less intimidating. But I have to wonder what it would be like with even more guests, panellists, a bigger dealer room, etc. Maybe I blew it up in my head too much (all those World Con and Dragon*Con stories), but I can’t wait until it’s a bigger, more established con.

And now to tackle the pile of work that bloomed over the weekend before it eats my desk. I have an idea for tomorrow, so until then…





  1. Sounds like a good weekend for you, and something to enjoy as it grows.

    Who knows . . . maybe one day YOU will be a featured speaker!

    • Oh my… That would be an experience, for sure. *runs off to the keyboard and begins typing madly*
      (If it ever does happen, you can bet I’ll have interesting stories about “how I got started.” :P)

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