A Moment of Awe

December 16, 2010

Sometimes, the world is an awesome place.

I was sitting alone at home, playing Christmas carols on the piano, when I happened to look out the window.

It’s snowing.

Fat, fluffy flakes; there’s a set of footprints already almost covered up again. And there’s that wonderful quality of light when the sky is purple-grey, the streetlamps are casting orange pools, and the whole thing takes on the ephemeral quality of a dream. The details melt away, so that the world seems both imaginably huge, and yet no bigger than the small corner of it that I can see from my window.

It’s weather that makes you want to sleep… not some survival-instinct hibernation, but the sweet sleep that comes when you know that you’re warm and safe, and the world is going to look pretty darn awesome in the morning.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…




  1. Beautiful post . . . but you’re welcome to the snow. I want flip flop weather to return.

  2. Blech, I don’t like snow, it means shoveling and trouble driving, and ice, and ich. I’d rather just have the cold without the snow.


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