This Most Magical of Nights

December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve is quite possibly my favourite night of the year.

Christmas Day is obviously special, but (in my experience at least), there’s more raucous excitement. It’s the tree, and the celebrations, and yes, the presents. Christmas Eve, by contrast, seems to be quieter. More reflective. It’s all about the potential. The period of watchful waiting that began the first Sunday of Advent culminates tonight; it’s like the moment before you release an arrow, or jump from the dive tower.  

And then there’s the carols. “O Holy Night,” “Silent Night,” “We Three Kings” et al. are all about this night. Whether or not you celebrate the religious aspects of Christmas, there’s no denying that there is magic in the depths of the night on Christmas Eve. In that shadowy time between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, something undeniably special happens. A visit from Santa, the realization of how much your loved ones really do mean to you, the birth of a certain baby boy… whatever you believe in and hold dear. Tonight’s the night.

In that spirit, I would like to wish you all a very happy, loving, and safe holiday season. Here’s the magic of the internet: although I’ve never actually met you (yes, you), you’ve got a space in my thoughts. Thank you for sticking with me here, and my sincerest best wishes to all of you.

Here’s to the season and  dark, magical nights past, present, and future.

Happy Holidays,




  1. The same bright wishes to you this Christmas, Arvik!

  2. Beautiful post and sentiments. Thanks, Arvik!

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  4. Merry Christmas, Arvik.

  5. Yes, yes, yes. You nailed it. It’s those dark magical nights just like you said. For me, the anticipation of that magic that feels much older than the Christian adoption of the holiday. Christmas Eve is when I feel most like a pagan.

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