Opportunities and Updates

January 15, 2011

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well on this (for me, anyway) fine, snowy morning.

I have news.

While at the reading series/meet-n-greet the other day, I had good conversations on giving things away for free, but I also talked to a writer about my novel. We spoke very briefly, and then more people came, the readings started, and we got distracted. And the end of the night, however, when I went to say goodbye, she gave me her email and told me she wanted to continue our conversation.



I followed up with her, sending a blurb and general request for advice. She got back to me very quickly, saying that the synopsis was strong and that she’d be happy to look over the first three chapters and give me her general, overall impressions.

This is what my brain did.


Deep breath. Deep breath…


A real post is forthcoming. But I just sent the chapters off, and I am very, very excited.





  1. Sounds like a fortuitous encounter. Nothing propels you forward more than a kind word from those who have been where we want to be, and valuable feedback from genuine mentors!

  2. Good luck and congratulations!

  3. What excellent news! I wish you luck & look forward to seeing your book’s front cover on this blog.
    Well done.

  4. Congrats. Has she got an agent? And would she be willing to approach her agent on your behalf? How very awesome for you if this chance encounter turns into something life changing.

    — david j.

    • In answer to both questions: I’m not sure, but that would be awesome. I think I’m going to sit tight for the moment and see what she has to say… but if I get a green light, it’s definitely something to consider.

  5. Congrats, sounds like you made a good connection, look forward to hearing more.


  6. Awesome x 2!

    Love the graphics you chose ~ this is my smile, this is my brain on happy.

  7. That is awesome!!! 😀 😀 Things really do come together, don’t they? 😀

  8. That’s amazing! Can’t wait to hear/read what she says!

  9. […] news. Remember how a short while ago, I gave a published author the first three chapters of my manuscript to […]

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