Public Service Announcement: Muse Attacks

January 29, 2011

They can happen to  anyone, at any time.

Muse Attacks are prevalent throughout the global community; there is no country in which cases have not been reported. You are at heightened risk of a Muse Attack if you:

  • Enjoy language.
  • Have at least one REM sleep-cycle per night.
  • Have visited an imaginary country within the last year.
  • Frequently read, write, and/or daydream.
  • Frequently ask, “What if?”

Symptoms of a Muse Attack include:

  • Hearing voices
  • Racing heart
  • Rapid breathing
  • Twitching fingers
  • Vacant stare
  • Spontaneous laughter or tears
  • Sense of euphoria
  • Compulsive craving for pens or keyboards

Muse Attacks typically follow three stages:

  1. Acute: Short in duration, low frequency. May not return.
  2. Recurrent: Frequency and duration increase noticeably. Attack triggers may be identified at this stage.
  3. Chronic: Intensity, length, and frequency  increase significantly. People in this stage are advised to carry writing implements at all times.


Portrait of a Muse Attack

If you believe that you or someone else is experiencing a Muse Attack, seek writing utensils immediately. If symptoms persist, contact a writing group.

This Public Service Announcement was made in partnership with Intergalactic Writers Inc.  




  1. Wonderful, Arvik!

    “No writers were harmed in the distribution of this PSA.” 😉

  2. […] Public Service Announcement: Muse Attacks « Intergalactic Writers Inc. […]

  3. Oh, I’m in the chronic stage, most definitely. Radiation two years ago tried to kill the muse attack disease, but failed miserably; the muse came back.

    • Hehe, that reminds me of the song that goes, “The cat came back, the very next day…”

      Like cats, muses are persistent (if sometimes fickle) creatures. And thank goodness for it!

  4. It is so nice to be with others in this wacky muse attacks world!!!! And yes, since I have let my muse play on a more regular basis (had to quit a full-time job and go part-time to do it) I often walk around just like your diagram. But I’m happy in my current state!

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