Your Good Wishes are Needed!

February 16, 2011

Not for me. For Peter Watts.

Peter is a highly skilled Canadian SF writer. Seriously. Highly skilled. His SF is harder than diamonds. He is also one of the kindest people I’ve met… quirky sense of humour for sure, but a wonderful man.

And he’s in the hospital right now, recovering from a brush with necrotising fasciitis: flesh-eating disease. Although his blog says he was “a few hours away from being dead,” he’s okay. In this context, “okay” primarily means “still alive and kicking.” He has a long, hard road of recovery ahead of him, so if you could spare any good thoughts, it would be very much appreciated.



PS. A link to his blog: http://www.rifters.com/crawl/



  1. Good thoughts headed his way! Please keep us posted on his progress.

    • Thank you. Last I heard he was feeling well enough to sit up/get some messages out, but having a giant chunk taken from your leg can’t feel good. 😦

  2. I’ll be praying for him. Hope he’s better soon.


  3. Will do. And please keep us posted on his recovery.

  4. Best wishes for a speedy recovery going to Peter!

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