Don’t let your eyes go loogy!

March 5, 2011

Normally, my eyes look like this:After a while on the computer, they start to look like this:

I think my hours working on the computer have made my eyes really, really tired. Or, if you want to get all fancy about it, I may be suffering from CVS: Computer Vision Syndrome. Symptoms include dry eyes, fatigue, headache, and a general feeling of “looginess” in the eyes. You know the one.

Obviously, the ideal solution would be to cut down on my computer time. While I’m trying to incorporate more breaks into my work, and thus avoid the marathon stretches, the fact remains that I need to be on the computer quite a bit. My work is on the computer. Intergalactic Writer’s Inc. is on the computer. My writing’s on the computer, and as you may have guessed, writing is kind of important to me.

And in fact, I’m willing to bet that computer-caused loogy-eye syndrome (CCLES- I think it’s catchier than CVS) plagues a lot of us. So what can we do?

I present my findings in my favourite form: that of a list.

  • Break up computer time. Work a little, then take a break. Repeat as often as needed. Bonus points if you can use your breaks sleeping or lying quietly with your eyes shut.
  • Proper lighting. Lately, the thought of facing the monitor’s sickly glow as it illuminates a dark room has me wanting to gouge my eyes out. I’m keeping my desk lamp on, but pointed downwards, so it’s not beaming into my eyes.
  • Going old-school. Movie times/weather/bus schedules etc. are all online, but it’s one case where you don’t need a computer. They’re also in print newspapers, available by phone, and sometimes you can even bug a knowedgeable friend.
  • Blink. Blink. Apparently you blink less while looking at screens, which dries your eyes. Blink. Conscious blinking can be fun. Especially if you have a mirror- you can make amusing faces at yourself, or invent a Morse code system with blinks.
  • In extreme cases, eyedrops can rejeuvenate the eyes like rain returning to the desert. I’m afraid of eyedrops, so I’m thinking I can just splash water on my face and try to keep my eyes open. It won’t be graceful, but hopefully some will go in. That, or I have one of those bean-bag-things you stick in the fridge and then place over your eyes (after you remove it from the fridge, of course). Heavenly…

 And now, since I can feel my eyeballs itching as I write this, it’s time to find said bean-bag-thing.

Here’s lookin’ at you,




  1. Hahaha! I think my eyes have that same look after a long day on the computer.

  2. Anyone with a desk job who actually works when they’re at work experiences this. I did some research and learned that looking away from your monitor every twenty minutes and focusing on objects that are at different distances exercises your lenses. The “loogy” feeling comes from your eyes not shifting their focus for extended periods. I’ve been trying to do this, and have found an improvement. Different depths of field are key, so doing this while looking out a window, to gain greater distances, is best. Hope this helps!

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