Spring Fever!

April 7, 2011

Today, in case you were unaware, is April 7th. Just four days ago, the night turned cold, the clouds opened up… and a light-yet-diabolical snow blanketed the city.

It’s gone now. But the memory remains. It’s April! Had it been a few days earlier, I would’ve assumed Nature was playing a cruel joke on us (though the way we’re screwing with things, the last laugh may yet be upon us). I know it’s snowed in April before… the only thing is, the last few days of March had been absolutely gorgeous, making the sudden blast of winter even more unexpected and unwelcome.

Luckily, that all seems to be behind us. Looking at the weather forecast for the next few days, it seems that the temperature is going to stay well above freezing. I think I can tentatively say that it is indeed spring.

Which means that I must present to you, in the form of a list, the best things about the season.

Spring: A Delight for All the Senses


  1. The honk of geese returning north
  2. People talking and laughing on the street
  3. The newscaster saying, “Another mild day today…”
  4. The wind among the new leaves
  5. The sucking sound of freshly-thawed mud


  1. The velvet casing of buds
  2. Warm earth
  3. The shockingly cold water of just-reopened fountains
  4. Animals’ soft spring coats (although I don’t love the shedding)
  5. Sunlight on your skin


  1. Fruit.
  2. Fresh vegetables.
  3. Lamb
  4. Chocolate
  5. Matzah


  1. Please see “Taste.”
  2.  The freshness in the air.


  1. Pale blue skies
  2. The pastels of emerging flowers
  3. The light green of sunlight shining through leaves
  4. Orion dipping below the horizon
  5. All the adorable robins with their bright red breasts

Hope this puts a “spring” in your step!





  1. Wonderful post, except for putting “lamb” under taste. I would have put it under sight:


  2. Yay! For Spring!

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