The Power of Whoot!

April 16, 2011

I heard someone use the phrase “The power of whoot!” and decided that it was so wonderful, I had to write a post about it. Whoot! (or w00t- both rhyme with boot) is exactly what it sounds like: an expression of joy, roughly corresponding to “yay,” although it can cover a broad range of meanings depending on tone of voice, from unbridled excitement to ironic amusement.

Now that we’ve got definitions out of the way, what exactly is the power of whoot? I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve decided that it’s a similar concept to that of “Carpe diem,” or “seize the day,” but infused with far more enthusiasm. It’s seizing the day because it’s the most awesome day ever. It’s approaching tasks with the merry eagerness you see in dolphins and puppies. The power of whoot! is the power of positive thinking. A simple exhortation of whoot! can brighten many, many situations.

For example:

But lest you think I’m just a naive Pollyanna, I will add that the power of whoot! cannot fix everything.

Some things are just bad. Really, truly, deeply suck. However, there are far more things that look bad at first, and can be fixed, or at least improved, by employing the power of whoot!.

Whoot. It can’t fix everything, but it can fix most things. And that sounds good enough for me.





  1. WHOOT,WHOOT,WHOOT…i liked this post..ELiza Keating

    • Whoot! I’m so glad! 😉

  2. Whoot?


    But for most things . . . there’s WHOOT!!! 😀

    • WHOOT!!! does sound much happier inside my head. 😛

  3. This is great. My new favorite word is ‘facetard’. Not nearly as positive as yours! I heard it used by a journalist in an essay about facebook and as politically incorrect as it may be, it still made me laugh. But not as much as this post. Love your drawings.

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