Tomorrow I start

June 1, 2011

Tomorrow, June 1st, I’m sitting down and starting the new WIP. Do I have every detail of plot as ironed out as I would like? No, not really, but looking over my old notes from Project W has made me realize how much of that story was conceived on the fly. It’s like the old saying that writing a book is like driving at night; you can only see as far as your headlights allow, but you can make the whole trip that way.

My trusty guide

As for world-building and characterization… well, a lot of the world-building still holds from Project W, as it’s set in the same universe. The characters are new, but they seem talkative and cooperative thus far. As always, I’m quietly excited to see who gets picked up along the way. It’s like the night before the first day of school- when you know, at that very moment, there is someone out there who will become one of your new friends. But at that very moment, neither of you knows the other exists yet.

I have some idea of what I’m in for. My map and bag are packed, my travelling companions are raring to go, but there’s still one or two last-minute checks to make.

The night before anything is always one of the longest and shortest nights, isn’t it?




  1. I can feel the anticipation in your words, and I wait at the edge of my chair to hear how this story unfolds for you. Not the details of the story as it’s too soon, but for the high moments when words pile out faster than you can move, those low moments when every single word is a struggle, and that final moment in the not too distant future when you heave that big sigh, sit back, and realize the last period was just placed. Looking forward to the journey.

  2. You’re at the best part. Enjoy it.

    — david j.

  3. And? And!?
    How’s it going so far?

    — david j.

  4. Yay! Congrats on embarking on this new project. Can’t wait to read all about how it’s going.

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